About us

The Associazione Amici di Gabriele Onlus (Friends of Gabriele Association) is a non-profit entity pursuing social ends in the fields of social care and healthcare.

The Association sets out to help children suffering from congenital malformations of the genitourinary apparatus and their families deal with the difficulties linked to these disorders, especially in terms of personal care.

Gabriele was born in 2005 with bladder exstrophy, one of the rarest and most serious genitourinary malformations. The Association was set up in January 2006 by his family, initially in response to the need to seek medical care for Gabriele in the United States, at one of the world’s leading hospitals specialized in the treatment of this disorder. From Gabriele’s experience grew a wish to foster new initiatives to improve cures for this malformation, and over recent years the Association has been effective in supporting a number of projects, bringing many to completion and always setting itself new goals.
Meanwhile the Association has reached out to various bodies around the country:

  • Member of the Segrate (MI) Voluntary Work Council
  • Member of the US Association for Bladder Exstrophy Community – ABEC
  • Listed on the Municipality of Segrate Register of Volunteers
    Affiliate of the Lombardy Federation for Rare Diseases
  • Accredited with Fondazione Policlinico di Milano General Hospital